9 Ways to Make Your Helicopter Ride Unforgettable

Imagine the helicopter ride of your dreams. You are at a helicopter company’s headquarter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and they have just finished giving you an orientation on how to fly their helicopter. Now it is time for you to take off! As you slowly lift off the ground with the helicopter blades whirring around before it gets into full speed, you can’t help but feel excited for what’s ahead. The pilot will be taking you on an exciting helicopter ride through some of Pittsburgh’s most beautiful landmarks! Make sure to enjoy this experience by following these tips:

1) Bring snacks like granola bars or dried fruit so that when hunger strikes during the flight, there is something readily available for snacking on;

2) Bring a blanket or wear clothing that will be comfortable for you to sleep in, as helicopter rides can take up the majority of your day;

3) Make sure to stay hydrated, as helicopter rides can cause dehydration in passengers;

4) If possible, try to sit in the front of the helicopter so that you can have a better view;

5) Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the helicopter blades;

6) Make sure your helicopter ride is on a weekday as helicopter rides can be very crowded during the weekends;

7) Make sure to book helicopter rides in advance as helicopter companies tend to get booked quickly; and

8) Keep in mind helicopter rides will have a weight limit, so make sure to check with the helicopter company before bringing large bags.

9) Finally, have fun and enjoy the helicopter ride!

Pittsburgh is a city filled with beautiful landmarks that are perfect for helicopter rides. By following these tips, you can make sure your helicopter ride is unforgettable. From the excitement of lift-off to the breathtaking views during the flight, helicopter rides Pittsburgh is definitely worth checking out!

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